Saffron Quality Control

The quality control process in this company is based on the ISO 22000 international standards and the principles of HACCP and ISO 3632 from the BRSM Company.

But what is the ISO 22000 ?
The ISO 22000 standard is a standard food safety management system and is for organizations active in the food chain.
The food chain includes companies that work in any way on the subject of food, for example, agriculture, food transportation, food production, food packaging, restaurants and any other material company Food is working.
The ISO 22000 standard creates requirements for organizations to ensure that the food product is free of any contamination. These pollutants are divided into three types of microbial, chemical and physical in this standard.

What are the principles of HACCP?

HACCP means “risk analysis and critical control point” and is considered a health system for quality management in the food industry.
HACCP can be considered as a practical and effective control system for the promotion of food hygiene, which has been used throughout the food chain (from primary to end consumers), and is based on the quality of the health process of food processes It is assured.
From an operational point of view, HACCP addresses all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) requirements, covering all aspects of food health. HACCP system privileges, in addition to providing food safety and its compliance with the quality management system, such as the ISO 9001 series, help to develop world trade through increased confidence in food safety. With the help of the establishment of this system, the quality of the health of the product is systematically and systematically prevented, so that the food does not pose any risk to the consumer.
What do you know of ISO 3632 ?

Saffron This wonderful Iranian spice has been welcomed due to the taste and color and the extraordinary aroma of water on the water, and a large amount of freshly used garlic is produced annually by Iranian manufacturers. Consequently, the quality of saffron products with this range of uses in Iran and the world and its high price is the attention of a large amount of consumers. The competitive market for saffron production in Iran and even in some European countries has increased the quality of its saffron yields due to quality and accuracy in planting, and harvesting of saffron.

The ISO International Standard Organization also developed a standard for saffron in 1993, due to the importance of saffron quality, and named ISO3632. The ISO3632 standard has been developed in two parts of saffron characteristics and a saffron test and test method. In 2010, the second part of the standard saffron, namely iso3632-2, was re-edited and its standard and certification was named iso3632-2: 2010. In 2011, the first part was re-edited and the standard and its certificate was named iso3632-1: 2011.
The iso3632 standard has been translated into Iran by the National Standardized Translation Agency and numbers 1-259 and 2-259 are subject to the national standards list. The iso3632 standard describes methods for measuring and analyzing color strength and taste and determining the degree of purity of saffron.
The company is proud to be among the few manufacturers and exporters with this credible and important certificate from BRSM and are always trying to give them what it takes to ensure the trust and confidence of their respectable customers.