Saffron Quality

Based on recent studies, there are three main pest that can harm and degrade the qualified saffron, which should be advert properly. Sun light, air proximity and humidity are the three-main concern regarding the preservation of saffron. Having said that, we designed our packages with using the latest technologies and global standards in order to address this three-main concern properly and prevent the process of degrading the quality of color and odor of the Iranian red gold. Thus, along with removing the routine window of some packages, we promote the quality and the solidity of the saffron packages, so we can prevent the sunlight from reaching to the saffron and curb the humidity and also air proximity.

organic saffron

Organic farming in sustainable agriculture development is a set of operations and its goal is decreasing the consumption of abnormal inputs and removed the consuming of fertilizers and chemical pesticides, synthesized preservatives, chemical drugs and organisms, which is produced by genetic engineering and wastewater. Studies showed that the universal acceptance of organic farming is very promising; some reasons include the increasing of concerns about contamination of basic resources, and health of food, human and animal, also there are more focus on environments values and natural landscapes. Organic farmers increase the organic materials in soul with cover crop, compost, biological soil reformers and producing insect-diseases-resistant crops. The Organic agriculture focus on good nutrition of plants to prevent the prevalence of pests and diseases, by cover crop and crop rotation which increased the amount of ecological communication in the plants. Weed control is carried out by using cover crop, fallow land, weeding by mechanical tools and burning weeds. Tamsi saffron is ready to sell organic saffron with international organic certificates.


Types of Saffron

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sargol saffron

This kind of saffron have other names such as Sarghalam, Sar-rishe, and Momtaz and in other countries it called the All-Red. This kind of saffron has no sign of root and style parts of saffron; only red parts of filament saffron completely cut and clean. Among different kinds of saffron, Sargol consume more than other types of saffron.


The quality of this kind of saffron similar to Sargol; but the difference is that the Strands is a little bigger and longer; also is not like Negin-Saffron which consists of saffron stigma skein.

Pushali Negin

Among different kinds of saffron, this model has coloring characteristic very highly, also it has very odorant. From appearance view, the Negin saffron is highly beautiful and more volume. All strings are skein and separating saffron is done with more difficulty.

Super- Negin

Super Negin saffron is very similar to Negin pulp but in this model the saffron strands are thicker and taller and the saffron is in the best appearance and quality in terms of color and aroma.